Premier Care Homes Salem Oregon

Babies Bring Joy to the World, and Joy to Our Homes

February 25, 2014

At Premier Care Homes, we love having visitors stop by the houses. Our residents enjoy it as well! This month, many of the homes were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of some tiny babies! Margie Hibner, one of the owners, became a Grandma in August (twice over), and took her grandbabies out for some visiting.

It’s hard not to love every child, and these babies were certainly getting their share of that attention. Each baby was passed around to sit in laps, practice clapping with the residents, show off their rolling skills, and cuddle. If residents were extra lucky, the babies even held still long enough to take bottles from them!

The visits were a great success, and brought about rounds of smiles and laughter from all involved. Along with all of that laughter came different stories from each resident, ranging from some their own childhood memories, to many memories about babies of their own (or their babies, babies, babies ). We have some wonderful photos of the residents snuggling with the Grandbabies for your enjoyment below.

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