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Men and Assisted Living

October 28, 2014

Men are people too, so they deserve just as much love, respect, and consideration of their needs when picking out assisted living for them! As we continue to live longer, men included, we need to take special care that the places our parents want to live while receiving some assistance include some activities for men.
Many retirement homes, assisted living centers, and adult foster homes are starting to pay a little more attention to adding more “manly” activities to their recreational lists. When we think about the things we’ve seen most in nursing homes/assisted living and adult foster homes through the years, it’s women getting their hair done, manicures/pedicures, tea time, and some dancing. This is not to say that some men don’t enjoy those activities- but in the past, most activities have been geared toward women. Some homes are making sure to include activities like Wii bowling, horse races, outings to baseball games, and poker tournaments. Start keeping your eyes open, or ask questions about places that take men to pool halls, have pool tables, putting greens, or like to take their residents out on fishing trips. Assisted living doesn’t have to be boring, and a company that excels at keeping your loved one safe, happy, and healthy, are of utmost importance. Also understand that hobbies that your ‘man’ used to be interested in may not peak his interest anymore. This means that family may need to team up with facilities to create activities he might like. Also keep in mind that sometimes they just want to be entertained or in one on one situations. Remember that we all love to be entertained and participate in some hobbies, so be picky and find a place that you know will cater to your loved ones needs.
Many have said that it can be more difficult to get men involved in group recreational activities. Women tend to be social creatures, more so than men, so getting men together for an “outing” or trying to get them to share their hunting stories over coffee can require some extra help. Once you’ve found a fabulous place for your parents to live, take a look yourself into their extracurricular activities by finding and talking to staff or administrators to put the cherry on top of their new living situation!
Forget a little about history, and realize that times are changing and everyone is trying to keep up! Many homes and centers have realized that their activities have been outdated and geared toward women and they are proud of the changes they’ve made and their new events and undertakings. Make sure you, your father, brother, or manly loved one takes advantage of the many opportunities we are trying to provide to keep them happy and content!

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