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A Busy Birthday Month for Premier Care Homes

May 20, 2014

May was a busy birthday month for us. We have had multiple birthdays this month in more than one of our homes. We celebrated over 380 years of living with four of our seniors. With over 380 years of life lived, there are lots of stories shared. At Premier Care Homes, we love to listen and learn.

Each birthday was celebrated and honored differently. In each case, we at Premier Care Homes made sure to wish the resident happy birthday, give them a musical birthday card, and provide them with a dessert of their choice.

Even more importantly, the resident’s get to spend time with their families, planning their special day. In one case, the family chose to celebrate their “loved ones” birthday at a nephew’s home. The family took the resident with them to the nephew’s house, where they spent the day celebrating 100 years of living, as well as socializing and enjoying food made by family and friends.

In another case, we celebrated with the resident within the home. We baked her a cake and her son came by to enjoy the celebration of 102 years. No, we weren’t able to fit 102 candles on that cake! Birthday cards sent to the resident were proudly displayed in her room.

Regardless of how everyone chose to spend their birthdays, it was apparent that each special day was enjoyed, and at Premier Care Homes, we want to do our best to ensure this. Sometimes being busy can be stressful, but a month scattered with birthdays keeps us all busy in the best way, and we love more reasons to celebrate our seniors!

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