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Important Information for those (All too frequent) Pharmacy Visits

Typically, as we age, we tend to end up taking more and more medication. Sometimes these medicines are over the counter, and many times these medications are prescribed by a doctor. We should know this, that these medications exist to help us all live hopefully healthier, longer...


I enjoy continuing my education and staying up to date on health related news, especially as it relates to the senior population. If you stumbled across our website, it’s probably because you care deeply for one, or a few, seniors of your own! Below is a brief update for you guys...

Let’s Help Recall Those Memories

Selfishly, we all get a little upset and sad when our elderly loved ones don’t recognize us or recall some of our favorite memories. Unfortunately, it can be a part of aging, or due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately for you and myself, after asking for some...

Maybe They Wont Have to Turn up That Hearing Aid

I think most of us can agree that many of our elderly family members are hard of hearing, or are certainly headed in that direction. It can be part of aging, so it’s nothing that should cause panic, but it’s an issue that can certainly be addressed with a doctor if you and your...

Men and Assisted Living

Men are people too, so they deserve just as much love, respect, and consideration of their needs when picking out assisted living for them! As we continue to live longer, men included, we need to take special care that the places our parents want to live while receiving some...


This new nickname it popping up all around the internet and amongst friends and family. Truly though, it’s nothing new in the physical therapy community. I know in my years as a therapist, we have always preached that the stronger, more flexible, and healthier you are either...

Volunteering and Seniors

It doesn’t just HAVE to be for seniors, many of us have experienced it with a little bit of empty nest syndrome. We spend far too much time in our lives creating lists, and then checking boxes off of those lists. Suddenly we get some free time: vacation, kids go off to school, or...