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Fiber Me!

I hear it all of the time as a Physical Therapist. Many of our adult foster home residents and my patients sigh heavily and voice concern over taking narcotics, often due both to upset tummy’s, as well as some serious constipation. Many people have issues with bowel movements...

A Day of Gratitude for our Salem area World War II Veterans

A few weeks ago I got to experience a great afternoon in downtown Salem, where my hometown put up a new memorial to honor our World War II veterans from the area. I myself, like many others, probably don’t give thanks frequently enough to those that fight for our country, so I...

Animals and Seniors

Here at Premier Care Homes, the owners frequently visit the homes and bring their dogs with them to visit with the residents. We understand that some people have mixed reviews on animals. We like to think that most people enjoy the company of a furry friend. We think that a...

Why Would You Choose an Adult Foster Care Home for Your Loved One?

Margie and I had to ask ourselves this question multiple times before making a final decision to put our time and money into opening an Adult Foster Care Home (AFCH). It was a tough decision because we were both content being home health physical therapists for the previous 12...

A Busy Birthday Month for Premier Care Homes

May was a busy birthday month for us. We have had multiple birthdays this month in more than one of our homes. We celebrated over 380 years of living with four of our seniors. With over 380 years of life lived, there are lots of stories shared. At Premier Care Homes, we love to...

Babies Bring Joy to the World, and Joy to Our Homes

At Premier Care Homes, we love having visitors stop by the houses. Our residents enjoy it as well! This month, many of the homes were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of some tiny babies! Margie Hibner, one of the owners, became a Grandma in August (twice over), and...